The Statute

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


24 December 2011 №1717, Kyiv

Statute About the State Fund for Fundamental Research

1. The Statute about the State Fund for Fundamental Researches (hereinafter referred to as the Fund) was created in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «About scientific and scientific-technical activity» for supporting on the competitive basis the fundamental scientific researches in the field of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences, that are carried out by the scientific establishments, Higher Educational Establishments, scientists.

2. The Fund is a state scientific establishment subordinated to the State Agency of Information, Innovations and Informatization (Derzhinformnuky) of Ukraine.

3. Activity of the Fund is realized in accordance with the Constitution and Laws of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, this Statute and other Normative - legal acts.

4. The Fund is a legal entity with its own balance, seal, the State Emblem of Ukraine and its name, as well stamps and letterheads with its name. The Fund has an accounting system and makes financial and statistical reports on the results of its activity in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine.

5. The Fund is placed in Kyiv, Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd., 16.

6.The main tasks of the Fund are: supporting on a competitive basis  the fundamental scientific researches in the field of natural, technical science and humanities that are carried out by scientific Institutions, Higher Educational Establishments,  scientists; realization of activity aimed at methodical, organizational and financial support  of  fundamental scientific researches; realization and implementation of Science and scientific metric investigations on prospective  development of Science in Ukraine and in the World; assistance to scientific contacts and spreading  the  information in the field  of  fundamental  scientific researches  including abroad  contacts;  establishment  and support of international scientific  cooperation in the field  of fundamental researches;

7. According  to  the  entrusted tasks  the Fund: provides scientific  work of expert group and  competitive  projects selection of fundamental  scientific researches for their support; provides address financing of selected on the competitive projects  of fundamental researches and controls the end use of granted funds; provides practical use of achieved results of the  fundamental scientific - researches; cooperates with International and  Foreign Funds and other organizations that support  fundamental researches in Ukraine; realizes preparation, publication and circulation of printed audiovisual, informational and  other scientific materials concerning  fundamental scientific researches  including monographs on the results of implementation of scientific and scientific and technical projects; supports  scientific projects of young scientists; organize scientific conferences including  international  ones; carries out other functions in accordance with the entrusted tasks;

8. The Fund has a right: to use fund in accordance with the Legislation, allocated for supporting the fundamental scientific researches on the competitive basis in the field of natural, technical and humanitarian sciences that are carried out by scientific establishments, Higher Educational Establishments, scientists;  to take part in formation and realization of the State policy in the field of  fundamental scientific researches; to get information, documents and  materials  necessary for carrying out the assign tasks free of charge in the stated by the Legislation order from scientific establishments, Higher Educational Establishments, scientists; to attract the representatives of scientific establishments, Higher Educational Establishments (approved by their  projects heads), scientists for consideration  the questions of their competence; to realize publishing activity, getting and spreading the scientific  information with the aim to support  fundamental scientific researches and popularization  of scientific  knowledge.

9. Fundʼs budget is formed by: the state budget; voluntary contributions of legal entities and individuals, including foreign ones. The SFFRʼs funds are directed to carry out the Fund’s tasks and to ensure its activities in accordance with expenditure that is approved by Derzhinformnauky and the Ministry of Finance.

10. Support of fundamental scientific researches is carried out by the way of funding on irrevocable and free of charge basis of competitive scientific and scientific - technical projects. The Fund selects the projects on the competitive basis in accordance with the statements approved by the SFFRʼs Board and with Agreement of the Supervisory Board.

11. The bodies of the Fund’s Management are the Supervisory Board, the SFFR Board and the Management of the Fund.

12. Functions of the Supervisory Board there perform the Interagency Board on Coordination of Fundamental Researches in accordance with this Statute and the Statute about Interagency Board on Coordination of Fundamental Researches, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 21, 2001 164.

13. The governing Body of the Fund is the SFFR Board numbered 25 people that comprises leading scientists and experts.

14. The SFFR is headed by the Fund, who has one Deputy from the members of the Board. The Head of the Fund is approved to the position and dismissed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the proposal of Derzhinformnauky and on Agreement of the Supervisory Board.

15.Membership of the SFFRʼs Board is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  upon  the proposal submission by Derzhinformnauky in accordance with  the Proposal of the Head of  the SFFR Board  realize their powers on a voluntary  basis.

16. Membership of the SFFR Board is updated every four years for 50 percent.The Fundʼs Head and his Deputy can not serve more than two consecutive terms.

17. The SFFR Board: defines  the main research directions of the Fund’s activity concerning support of the fundamental scientific researches; defines the list of priority questions on which it is foreseen to hold  a competition; approves the Membership of Expert Boards on corresponding scientific directions, defines  experts  for the experts  for the examination of fundamental scientific  research projects; provides the general distribution  of funds allocated to solve the main objectives of the Fund; monitors the implementation of scientific  projects and use of  funds of  the Fund; reviews and approves  annual  reports of the Fund; performs other functions foreseen by Legislation and this  Statute.

18.Organizational form of the Fund’s Board is a Meeting that takes place in the case of necessity, but not  less  than  four times  in a year. The meetings are organized by the Head of the Fund in two weeks before the day of meeting sends to the Board Members a draft agenda and notice of venue. Members of the Board during three days before the meeting send suggestions and comments on the agenda. The meeting of the SFFR Board is competent if involves at least two - thirds of its members. The Board decision is taken by the majority of members. Decisions of the Board are issued by a Protocol signed by the Head of the Fund and are obligatory for carrying out by scientific institutions, universities and scientists.

19. In accordance with the results of the fiscal year that corresponds to the calendar one, the Fund should submit a report on its activity to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and Derzhinformnauky. The Head of the Fund should report about activity of the Fund to the Supervisory Board.

20. The Executive Body of the Fund is its Management,headedbythe Director of the Fund. Maximum number of stuff of the Management is defined by Derzhinformnauky on agreement of the Ministry of Finance. Management of the Fund in its activity is subordinated to the SFFR Board and guarantees carrying of its decisions.

21. The Management  of the Fund: organizes supporting of fundamental research in natural, technical  and humanitarian sciences conducted on a competitive basis by research institutions, universities and  scientists; carries out scientific and  organizational  activities aimed at methodological, organizational and financial support of competitive basic researches; submits to the Fund’s Board proposals concerning development and support of the main directions of scientific activities, individual programs and their financing; preparing materials and organizing meetings of the Fund; provides logistic of the SFFR̛s Board; performs  other functions foreseen  by Legislation  and this Statue.

22. Director of the SFFR is appointed and dismissed by the Head of the Board on agreement of the Supervisory Board of the Fund and Derzhinformnauky. Director of the Fund should have the Deputy who is appointed on his suggestion and dismissed by the Head of the Fund. Director of the Fund and Deputy take part in the Meetings of the SFFR Board.

23. Director of the Fund: organizes the work of the Management of the Fund, makes decisions on the current activity of the Fund and ensures the implementation of decisions of the SFFRʼs Board, within his power represents the Fund  in the bodies of the State power and also in relations with other  entities and individuals, issues orders to commit to acts of legal on behalf of the Fund; manages the assets of the Fund within certain Laws; solves the problems of business, finance, accounting,  reporting, etc.; gives to the Head of the  Fund proposals concerning the organizational structure, projects of  staffing, budget  revenues and  expenditures; solves the questions of selection, placement, training and qualification of Management of the Fund; approves the Statutes about structural departmental subdivisions of the Fund; issues orders within his power; performs other functions on behalf of the Head of the Fund in accordance with the Legislation and this Statute.

24. Reorganization and liquidation of the Fund is realized in accordance with Legislation.

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