SFFR Structure

The Fund’s Management:

- The Supervisory Board;

- The SFFR Board;

- The Direction.

Functions of the Supervisory Board are performed by the Interagency Board of coordination of fundamental research under the Statute about Interagency Board approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of 21February, 2001 № 164.

The Governing Body of the Fund is the SFFR Board numbered 25 persons (leading scientists and experts) and headed by the Head of the Fund, who has one Deputy from the members of the Board.

The SFFR Board:

- defines the main research directions of the Fund’s activity concerning support of   the fundamental scientific researches;

- defines the list of priority subjects on which the Call for Proposals will be opened;

- approves the Membership of Expert Boards on corresponding scientific areas,

defines experts  for peer review of the research projects;

 - provides the general distribution of funds allocated to pursue the main objectives of the Fund;

 - monitors the implementation of scientific  projects and use of  funds of  the Fund;

 - reviews and approves annual reports of the Fund.

The Executive Body of the Fund  is Direction, headed by the Director of the Fund.

The Direction:

- organizes supporting of fundamental research in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences conducted on a competitive basis by research institutions, universities and scientists;

- carries out scientific and organizational activities aimed at methodological, organizational and financial support of competitive basic researches;

- submits to the Fund’s Board proposals concerning development and support of the main areas of scientific activities, individual programs and their financing;

- preparing documents and organizing meetings of the Fund.

Director of the Fund:

- organizes the work of the Direction of the Fund, makes decisions on the current activity of the Fund and ensures the implementation of decisions of the SFFRʼs Board;

- within his power represents the Fund  in the bodies of the State power and also in relations with other  entities and individuals, issues orders to commit to acts on behalf of the Fund.

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